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Walks should be fun for you and your dog!

Great leash skills can go such a long way in improving the quality of your and your dog's life––how many more walks would you take and how many more places would you go with your dog if you felt totally confident in their leash manners? 


Our Walk & Train packages involve one of our trainers coming to your home to teach your dog how to walk politely, providing updates after each session, then meeting with you for a 30-minute skills transfer session so you can feel good about maintaining their new skills!

Walk & Train 1 – 8 Session Package:

2, 30-Minute Walks Per Week for 1 Month – $320

Walk & Train 2 – 12 Session Package:

3, 30-Minute Walks Per Week for 1 Month – $480

Walk & Train 3 – 16 Session Package:

​4, 30-Minute Walks Per Week for 1 Month – $640

Not ready to purchase a package?

Let's do a trial week! 
2, 30-Minute Walks: $80

Owners do not need to be present for Walk & Train sessions. 

*All Walk & Trains begin with a free 30-minute Meet & Greet.

Subsequent sessions may be subject to travel charges*

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