Caitlyn came into our lives when Henry Otis,{golden doodle}, was about 6 months old and I was on the cusp of turning 65 years young. I have always had a four legged companion at my side since I was a child. Each one as unique and special as the people we surround ourselves with. Henry Otis is a fun loving, smart, curious, and outgoing pup. That being said, he is also like a 3 year old with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. I knew right away Henry and I needed obedience training if we were going to survive and thrive together. I have used all forms of training and trainers through the years with my other dogs, and I knew that I needed to find a trainer that does private in home training for that is the way I learn best, and we all know that obedience training is 70 percent training the owner and 30 percent the pup. Caitlyn offered both in home lessons and a walk/train program also. So we signed up and there our journey began.


Caitlyn began by doing an in home assessment and meet and greet. She listened to my concerns, observed Henry in his own environment and gave us a clear understanding of her techniques, philosophy, and what goals we could set together. She was caring, competent, and patient with both Henry and me, both traits important when dealing with the young and old. We met three days a week, and even on Henry's most distracted days, she found a way  to end our sessions on a positive note. Henry and I both adore and respect her. She is always even tempered and I’ve never heard her raise her voice even when Henry is at his most trying. She is truly a dog whisperer. I could go on and on about all the ways she  has helped enrich Henry and my relationship, but why don’t you see for yourselves.

I have loved working with Caitlyn Mattern! She's helped me on a number of long workdays to make sure my lab, Jackson, had the walks and breaks he needed. Made my mama heart so happy to know he was well taken care of AND leash trained at the same time! Having walks with Caitlyn made it easier for me to walk him myself because he was getting the training he needed.

Rebecca B., Jackson's Mom

Caitlyn is a remarkable trainer. She helped train Jax so many things. She’s thoughtful, caring, and makes sure you are a happy customer. I highly recommend her because working with a 4lb chihuahua is not always easy when all the other dogs in class are big. But she was able to help adjust to his needs being so small. She’s one of my favorite trainers and became a friend! We love her dearly and there’s not many Jax wants to give kisses to but he did at the end of classes! 

Angie C., Jax's Mom

Deb C., Henry's Mom