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One-on-one training for you and your dog

Get flexible scheduling with a trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!

In-person services available for:

Monterey, Carmel-by-the-sea, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Sand City, and Marina.

Online Anywhere

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For puppies under 6 months, master house training, walking on leash, playing without nipping, calm greetings, and more!

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Obedience and BEYOND

Stop unwanted behaviors and gain new skills so you and your dog can live your best lives. Training sessions are tailored to your specific needs!


Quick Questions

Just need a few pointers to get you and your dog on the right track? Schedule a 30-minute Zoom session with one of our trainers!


Ideal for puppies less than 6 months old and pet parents who want to start teaching basic manners or get help with socialization.


Cute Puppy

Good For:

Potty training

Walking on leash

Introducing puppies to cats or other dogs

Socialization and training in public spaces

Puppy biting

Chewing furniture

Teaching Sit, Down, Stay

And other puppy stuff!

Single 45-minute Puppy Tutoring Session: $125

4 Session Package: $450

Travel charges may apply for certain areas.

Prefer online?

Train with us virtually!

Prefer online training?



Ideal for people who want functional obedience skills or solutions to problem behaviors that are tailored to their unique needs.


Good For:

Overexcited greeters

Leash pulling

Newly-adopted rescue dogs

Multi-dog homes

In-home manners

Manners in public


90 Minute Initial Session: $175 

First-time clients start with an initial session so we can ensure that it will be a good fit and that we fully assess the situation while still having time to start training. Some people will find that one 90-minute session is enough help to get them on their way.

Obedience Training

60 Minute Individual Session: $150

4 Session Package: $550
6 Session Package: $810

8 Session Package: $1,050

Travel charges may apply for certain areas.

Packages include:

Unlimited text and email support in between sessions

Check-in calls when needed 

Access to support after package completion

Just have a question or two? 


Book a 30-minute Troubleshooting Video Call with one of our certified trainers! Schedule whenever is convenient for you and get some answers to questions like:

How do I potty train my new puppy?

Is this behavior normal?

What should I do before I adopt a new dog?

How do I teach my dog to lay down?

And more!

 Single 30-minute Zoom Call: $50

Get a discount on further services if you decide to continue with us!

Quick Q

Want to get started? Contact us!

To the best of your knowledge, has your dog ever acted aggressively towards or bit another person or dog?

Thank you for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.

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