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Training from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.


Private sessions

One-on-one guidance from a trainer through Zoom to teach your dog some new skills or troubleshoot what could be going on.

Online Programs

Comprehensive online programs for pet parents who want to have fun while getting a thorough understanding of training principles and dog behavior.

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Educational 45-minute interactive talks about common challenges and topics we often see in dog training. 

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Troubleshooting Video Call

Just have a question or two?

Need to know how to prepare before you adopt a puppy or dog?

Need to know if what your puppy is doing is normal?

Schedule a 30-minute video call with one of our certified trainers and get your questions answered!

$50 per call


We know what you're thinking: does online training really work? The answer is, overwhelmingly, yes! Many services are offered online these days, and dog training is no different. How do we know? Experience! We have been working with clients online since 2020, and have found it to be our preferred method of training. The reason? You are the one that needs training; not just your dog!


Professional trainers can come into your home and in one session, will 'wow' you with how well-behaved your dog can be. They show you lots of tips and tricks, but when they leave, your dog goes back to what they were doing before! This is because training is about forming a relationship with your dog. If your trainer forms a relationship with your dog, that doesn't help you. A good trainer will teach you how to be the go-to person for your dog, and with online training that's even easier to do!

Online Private Sessions


Single 1-hour Session: $100

4-Session Package: $380

Online Puppy Tutoring Package

Get help navigating potty training, puppy biting, basic training, and more! We can coach you through the day-to-day challenges of having a puppy in your home so you can enjoy your new family member instead of pulling your hair out. 

For puppies 6 months or younger

Online Puppy Tutoring 4-Pack: $300

Private Sessions
Puppy tutorin



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9/21/21 at 5:45pm PST


Webinars are held on Tuesday nights from 5:45 - 6:30 pm PST



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